In 1992, I saw the movie, Damage with Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche, the story is about a British Parliament member having an affair with his son’s girlfriend. The plot aside, what I recall from the movie is when Binoche tells Irons that they can both understand each other because they are both “damaged”.

This scene from the movie came to me recently as I was telling the same friend I wrote about in May, who had left me incensed when he invited me to a 3D movie, why I think he doesn’t get why I am so hurt when people don’t understand why VT is so important to me. I told him that maybe only someone who is also like me, who has sacrificed everything for something (VT) and who has not reached their goal can fathom my frustration. Stereoptic vision is the only thing in my life which I have dreamed of, worked harder than anything else to achieve and have not yet attained after four arduous years of exercises, a depleting bank account and lost friendships. One doesn’t need to be an adult strabismic to empathize. But I think another hard working overachiever who has not reached their goals can feel my pain and not try to appease me by telling me about all of my other accomplishments in life.

We’re not “damaged” like the characters in the film, but we share something in common and that’s what can make us “get” each other. The problem is that I haven’t met anyone else like me yet!


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  1. I, too have spent years in vision therapy, watched two of my children succeed and have yet to see any real progress. When my husband asks me what I want in life, I can’t even tell him that what I really want is stereovision. (I’ve said it before). He tells me I am beautiful despite my eye turn, but I just want my eyes to be straight and see one image. I’m glad you continue to blog.

  2. Betsy D'Angelo says:

    I understand. I started VT almost 4 years ago and stereoscopic vision still eludes me. My eyes look better – straighter, more even. My peripheral vision and depth perception have improved markedly. But the Brock string’? Forget it. I hate it. I’ve gotten nowhere with it.

    For almost 4 years I have treated VT like a full time job. It is exhausting and at times I have felt disoriented, nauseous, dizzy …. And yet I just can’t give up.

    Sometimes I also hate those who have achieved stereoscopic vision through VT – not really, though I sure do envy them.

  3. Fusionquest says:

    And thanks for writing this blog. So hard for people with binocular vision to relate to those of us struggling …

  4. cherylday says:

    I agree. I find myself very depressed at the thought of having to continue VT, and at the realization that I also cannot stand having my eyes not work together. I want door number three…

  5. sansayan says:

    I am feeling fortunate to find out that there are other strugglers like me who are trying to jump out of this pit of strabismus. I will be in touch.

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