When I was watching the Winter Olympics in mid-February, I was closely paying attention to the stories of the ice skaters who returned to the Olympic ice to get the gold medal they didn’t get at the last games in Vancouver. Before, I didn’t understand what drove them to either seek another gold medal or sacrifice another four years of early-morning workouts, diets and a limited social life to train for the Olympics to go for the gold. Now, I completely understand the motivation of these return athletes. I started VT a month before the Vancouver Winter Olympics so my VT journey coincides with the games.

For me, seeing in 3D is a gold medal. I’ve picked up other trophies (flying dust, flies, the moisture on cut cucumbers, steam in the bath and other nuances in texture) along my way to my gold. I bet no Olympian would trade a bronze medal for my love of white flies in the park but those flies to me are like a getting a bronze medal to an Olympian who thinks they can get gold.


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