I just read parts of Michael Lievens’ interview with Bill Johnston about gaining 3D vision in his 70s. (He does not know for certain what turned on his lazy eye but posits that standing on his head a few minutes a day for over six months could have been a factor.)

His (or his son’s) philosophical explanation of how 3D vision is compared to 2D vision caught my attention:

“Try this on for a size: gaining depth perception is like having lived under a dictatorial regime for your entire life and then suddenly being released into a free society. You were aware that there was more than one way of looking at each person and problem but the whole society, its institutions and people, had been oriented to show it to you from only one direction. Now you’re released into a society where people are permitted to consider, simultaneously, the advantages and disadvantages of various points of view. Now you “see” that your old regime hadn’t presented an entirely inaccurate picture of the world, people and their intentions but the flatness of its presentation had hid the nuances and possibilities.”

Read more of his story here:





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