I really enjoyed the film, The Big Short. I couldn’t tell that Christian Bale’s character, the real life Dr. Michael Burry, had a glass eye but oddly, as soon as I saw him on the screen, I was thinking about lazy eyes (amblyopia). Then, minutes later, we see the boy falling in a football game and his glass eye comes out and he talks about being socially awkward because he only has one eye. The issue of his only having one eye is repeated several times in the film, even when Dr. Burry says that he wrote in his Match.com dating profile that he was a medical student with $140,000 in medical school debt and a glass eye.

Left: Christian Bale playing Dr. Michael Burry Right: The real Dr. Michael Burry

According to the USA Today, “Oscar winner Bale manages to make one of his eyes look glass by forcing it to be lazy.” It turns out Dr Burry also has Asperger’s, which seemed obvious from the movie, but never said outright.
Could you tell he had an asymmetric eye issue when you watched the film?
I am glad a one-eyed man had the foresight to see the upcoming mess. Too bad, he didn’t use that foresight for the public good but instead cashed in to the tune of $100 million.
Here’s the trailer:

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