I am honored to be a speaker at the Eye Brain Connection conference at the California Neurology Society in Santa Barbara on Sunday November 13. I will share my journey of seeing in 2D and rewiring my brain to see in more depth and detail. I will bring vision therapy exercises for the neurologists to try out to feel what it’s like to train the eyes to work together, along with the eye muscle strain, headache, double vision, etc. that accompany these exercises. I consulted with various doctors, including some neurologists, while doing VT and none (except for the behavioral optometrist) knew what it meant to change one’s brain. My impression was that they also didn’t know what it’s like for those of use with limited depth perception. This is why more patients need to speak up and share their experiences with the medical community.


California Neurology Society

I will be speaking at the California Neurology Society, Eye Brain Conference in Santa Barbara


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