The famous psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Amen shares with me (in public) that his clinics check for binocular vision problems in patients who are going to get a brain scan. Dr. Amen knows that some kids are misdiagnosed with attention problems when what they really suffer from are binocular vision disorders. Watch from 01:01:42:


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  1. I may have missed something, your question to him was about binocular vision and vision therapy – and the lack of awareness on the part of many physicians of the significance of binocular vision (and of vision therapy). But what I heard Dr. Amen say was that his clinic does an Irlen filter screening, and that a number of his clients were helped in terms of their symptoms by obtaining Irlen tinted lenses. I didn’t hear anything in his remarks that indicated he addresses binocular vision problems, distinctly different from Irlen filter screening.

    • Dr. Press,

      You are right, he didn’t address binocular vision therapy, only speaking about the Irlen Method. His wife told me that her sister didn’t know she had binocular vision problems (even after many car accidents) and the Irlen filters helped her. I didn’t know about the Irlen Method before he mentioned it so I couldn’t formulate any follow-up questions at the time about how the color filtered lenses could help a person with binocular vision problems. I did contact the Irlen Institute to ask for any research about how the color filters assist those of us with binocular vision problems. The answer I received was that some people with binocular vision problems do experience improvements in their vision from the filters, but there is no research to prove this.

      What I thought was important was that Dr. Amen recognized that binocular vision problems do impact a patient’s psychology — a recognition that is deeply lacking among medical doctors. I also appreciated his awareness of binocular vision problems appearing as attention problems and that kids need to be screened for binocular vision disorders, in part to prevent the over prescription of dangerous psychotropic medications for ADD and ADHD.

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