I am 33 year old woman living in Silicon Valley, California. This blog documents the journey I am taking to binocularity. I was born cross eyed in the former USSR, where I was sent to a day care for retarded kids because of my abnormal look. I had my first strabismus surgery in the US when I was three years old and then another surgery when I was 17 to correct my wandering eye. Now, I am doing vision therapy to train my brain to use both eyes at the same time. This is tough work! I am rewiring my brain after so many years of only using one eye at a time.

I call myself the “One Eyed Princess” because of this saying:

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” Sometimes, I find that despite the fact that I only see with one eye at a time (I alternate between both eyes), I seem to be more aware of the world around me than many others. (I have excellent hearing.) I am too young to be a queen, so I am a “One Eyed Princess”.

You can contact me at nisamsuzi@yahoo.com.

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